Pick the Right Berlin Apartments for Sale With a Berlin Realtor to Help

Berlin is the hottest property investment destination in Europe and Germany. Berlin apartments for sale command high prices but are priced far lower than similar property in Munich or London. The high influx of people and slow pace of construction has triggered a demand that is far in excess of availability, present or future. If you are seriously considering investment in real estate in Berlin as a way to get high returns, you could consider Berlin apartments for sale as one of the best ways to get capital appreciation. Even if you do not dispose of the apartment you can always rent it out and get handsome rentals over time. Whichever way you look at it, apartments are sound investments and will certainly satisfy expectations if you pick the right apartments in the right locality.

Apartment prices and expected future appreciation vary according to location. You need to factor this into your investment strategy. A knowledge location is one thing; it must have a suitable supporting strategy, one that you’re Berlin based real estate agency will devise for you.

The best apartments to buy are per-war apartments located in prime areas and in close proximity to streets and parks. Easy access to public transport adds to the apartment’s value. If the apartment is located in prime central locations of Berlin, they will cost more but will also fetch higher returns and better rentals. Mitte is a prime location with the highest property prices and Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Prenzlauer Berg is a close second.

Peripheral areas such as Spandau, Lichtenberg and Marzahn offer apartments at almost half the prices. Should you opt for high density apartments in peripheral areas or should you choose luxury apartment, preferably a per-war building in a prime location in close proximity to amenities? Professional Berlin realtors know prices, rentals and future appreciation that they will blend into an investment strategy designed around your objectives.

One of the pillars of investment strategies is funding and leveraging equity. Properties, especially apartments in Berlin, are considered sound investments. Your Berlin real estate agency helps you obtain local funding. You only need to invest 40% of the apartment cost. Look at apartments in locations that fetch better appreciation and you can leverage equity to apartments that were originally not within your budget and thus gain better capital appreciation. An alternative is to use the remainder of your capital to buy more property. Considering that resale within 10 years of purchase attracts high capital appreciation tax, you can rent out the property with the help of your Berlin real estate agent, who will also manage rental collection and property maintenance on your behalf.

You get a steady income, carry on with your other activities and when the time is ripe, sell the property to make windfall profit. Buying an apartment is simple enough. However, with a local realtor to assist and devise the right strategy, you get more returns and peace of mind knowing the transaction complies with local regulations.

Are You Looking For Auckland City Apartments For Sale?

So you have decided to invest in an apartment in Auckland City? Inner city apartment living is a growing trend in Auckland especially among young professionals and recent college/university graduates.

Finding apartments for sale in New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland, is as easy as typing ‘apartment for sale Auckland City’ into your favourite search engine, picking up the latest Auckland City real estate magazine, scouting listings in local newspapers or enlisting the help of a real estate consultant/agent with professional experience and expertise in the real estate industry.

Bigger, more time consuming decisions include where exactly in Auckland City you want to buy, how much you can afford and the style / size of apartment you require.


Where in central Auckland City do you want to buy? The main suburbs include Auckland CBD, Epsom, Greenlane, Newmarket, One Tree Hill, Parnell, Remuera, Mechanics Bay, Grafton and Newton.

Influential factors may include:

– Proximity to your work and / or transport centres such as rail, buses and ferry terminals.
– The visual aesthetics of Auckland’s beautiful waterfront.
– The lifestyle benefits obtained from being right in the centre of all the hype and buzz of the city.

Price / Budget

The recent 2008 / 2009 economic situation in New Zealand has seen many Auckland City centre apartments come down in price, making this form of property ownership an attractive option.

Apartment prices are generally dependent on the location, size and number of rooms, plus how contemporary and progressive the apartment is. Prices can be as low as $50,000 NZD for a one bedroom – studio room and as expensive as $4,500,000 for a four bedroom luxurious residential apartment.

Style / Size

With a range of apartment types and characteristics available you will need to consider style and size factors such as:

– How many entrance ways to the apartment are there?
– Do you need multiple rooms or will a studio room suit your lifestyle?
– Does the apartment have air conditioning and heating?
– What interior design features and fittings are important to you?
– Do you require garaging?
– Is there an outdoor patio, deck or courtyard area?
– If buying in a complex building, what features and facilities are important to you – A gym, car parking, pool, cafe and / or secured site access?

You may be looking for an apartment for sale in Auckland City to live in yourself, to have as a rental investment or to use as a weekend/holiday home. Finding your apartment will include making decisions based on location, price and style.

Market Dynamics Are Changing for Berlin Apartments for Sale

Berlin is the place to invest in properties since prices are far lower than those prevailing in other cities of Germany or Europe for that matter. For buyers it seems like a simple operation involving nothing more complicated than buying one of the Berlin apartments for sale and then reselling it at a profit. If you care to understand market dynamics in Berlin and then make a considered investment decision based on sound investment strategy developed for you by a Berlin real estate agency, you could multiply returns and gain more than you expect.

Given the current escalating demand for Berlin apartments, the focus is on investment in the middle and high price brackets if you are to expect returns. Properties in the price bracket of 3000 to 6500 Euros per meter have appreciated four times in value whereas property valued between 2500 and 3000 Euros have doubled in price while the lower end has reduced. Rents in posh neighborhoods have increased much more than rent in lower and middle segments. When rental agreements come up for renewals, tenants are likely to shift since rents will escalate. At the same time there has been a shift in the way property is priced. Vintage property fetched high prices and still due but new buildings are now in the limelight, attracting higher prices in comparison to older properties. While peripheral areas were long in the shadow, now they are in the limelight when it comes to property price appreciation. Neukoelln and Wedding are the emerging districts while Mitte, Charlottenburg and Prenzlauer Berg still continue to maintain the lead. New constructions are much in favor not only because of better pricing but also because they are more manageable, well organized and are energy efficient. These are the dynamics relating to actual property. Then investors have to consider taxation and local Berlin laws as well as funding as part of their overall investment strategy in Berlin apartments for sale.

Given these, investment strategy for buyers of property involves some fine calculus that also factors in knowledge about human tendencies, global politics and economy and business in the EU as also in Berlin that influence property in one way or the other. Each investor has a different perspective and this also integrates into the calculations a Berlin real estate agency expert will carry out to optimize a well defined strategy aligned with specific objectives. Further, there is due diligence involved in property investments. A realtor could start from the other end such as expected returns as the starting point of an investment strategy. The amount you wish to invest upfront, the locations you choose and leveraging equity can each be a strategic investment hub around which your property transactions revolve. It is tantalizing to think of each but confusing when it comes to making a considered choice; a decision you will not regret. This is where your expert Berlin realtor helps and integrates all variables into a cohesive, cogent and targeted investment strategy.